Meet our Neighbors

"A lot of times you have to just listen--and be a listener."

Mr. Robert Revels

Meet the people who built the stone walls that surround the University, led movements for fair labor and housing across Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and fought for the freedom of all Black Americans.


Norma Bell

Norma Bell is a mother and grandmother. She comes from a family that has long provided rich food for the community of Chapel Hill through restaurants like Bill’s Barbeque and Mama Dip’s.

Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell is a longtime Northside community member, who grew up walking to high school football games in Carrboro and playing at Hargraves. He attended Lincoln High School before Chapel Hill public schools were desegregated. These days, he volunteers at Heavenly Groceries and is an active member…

Anita Booth

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Charles Booth

Mr. Charles Booth was born in Chapel Hill and lived here all his life (79 years). His parents lived in Orange County but passed away when he was very young. Mr. Booth's aunt Fannie took him in when he was a little boy and he has lived in the same house ever since. He married Ruth and now they live…

Ruth Booth

Ms. Ruth Booth was born and raised in Chatham County on a 100 acre private farm owned by her grandfather. At the age of 17 she was tired of picking cotton and corn and decided to leave Chatham and move to Chapel Hill. Ms. Booth was a former member of Hamlet Chapel. When she moved to Chapel Hill she…

Shirley Bradshaw

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Willie Bradshaw

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Carolyn Briggs

Carolyn Briggs grew up on S. Merritt Mill road in a two-story rock house. As a child, she walked over a mile to go to elementary school in Northside – no matter if it was raining, snowing, or sleeting. She is a graduate of Lincoln High School and participated in the Civil Rights Movement in Chapel…

James Brittian

"[The Black teachers] were looked upon as gods." - James Brittian

Carol Brooks

Carol Books was young when the Civil Rights Movement came to Chapel Hill, but she remembers how it felt to be here at that time. After she graduated from Lincoln High School, she attended Durham Tech. She devoted 32 years of her life to serving UNC’s Pediatric Ward, work which she loved and misses…

James Bryan II

Joseph "Buck" Burnette

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Catharyne Butler

DeLeon Bynum

DeLeon Bynum grew up on a farm about 4 miles west of Carrboro where he and his family grew tobacco, corn, and cotton. He started plowing when he was just seven years old. As a child, he attended Orange County Training School and later was a member of the first class of Lincoln High School. He became…

Deloris Bynum

Deloris Bynum, the oldest of seven siblings, grew up in Chapel Hill and has been here all her life. Her mother worked in the infirmary as a nurse’s aide, and her father was a chef. In high school, Bynum was a member of the cheerleading squad, and she eventually married her high school sweetheart who…

Doris Bynum

Doris Bynum grew up in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Her family farmed peanuts and sweet potatoes, and since a young age she’s known what it means to work hard. She first learned to drive on her daddy’s tractor, and as a child she and her friends would spend evenings playing in the creek that cut…

Jimmie Lee Bynum

Ronnie Bynum

"As far as Carrboro, back in the day, at 5:00, 5:30—before it gets dark—you can’t be across the railroad track—by Rise Biscuit. … Why? Because the Klan will hurt you. You gotta fight your way in and fight your way out." - Ronnie Bynum Ronnie Bynum was born in Chapel Hill in 1959 as one of seven…

David Caldwell, Jr.

A Chapel Hill native, David Caldwell is the Project Director and Community Organizer for the Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association located in northern Chapel Hill, North Carolina. As part of his position, he collaborates with UNC in research and works with PORCH and summer enrichment programs to…

Edwin Caldwell, Jr.

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Edwin Caldwell, Sr.

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Belinda Caldwell

Hilliard Caldwell

“I think had it not been for our leadership and our slow approach to things, I suspect Chapel Hill would’ve had some scenes that were very common in Birmingham- the fire hoses, the police retaliating against the movement.” - Hilliard Caldwell

Paul Caldwell

"I worked there for twenty seven years. I worked my way up from a patrol officer to a sergeant, then I worked from sergeant to a lieutenant, and then I was promoted finally to shift captain before I retired." - Paul Caldwell Paul Caldwell is a long time resident of the Northside Neighborhood, and…