About This Site

We’re so glad you’re here. As you travel through the site, remember that From the Rock Wall is not finished. It is not meant to be and never will be. It is meant to provoke additions, corrections, and reflections. It is a site for saving but, more importantly, for making history: for continuing to reckon with the past in order to mine it for guideposts to a fair and full future.

You may find big gaps. You may want to say why one person or story or piece of what you see or hear is important. This is yours to tell and ours to hear. That’s why everything here is linked to the Respond page--and options to write, share, refer, upload, or call in your claims to history. Use the “Respond” button to witness to Black Chapel Hill/Carrboro as often and as passionately as you like—or can—and keep our history going.