Meet our Neighbors

"A lot of times you have to just listen--and be a listener."

Mr. Robert Revels

Meet the people who built the stone walls that surround the University, led movements for fair labor and housing across Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and fought for the freedom of all Black Americans.


Junius Scales

"There was tremendous resentment from generations from mistreatment. Most of the black women leaders, at least up until the time of the union, had never had an encounter with a white person that wasn't painful, humiliating or worse. So trying to get this across to white guys who were from the North,…

Mary Scroggs

"With school desegregation] they tried to make it very clear that they were all students and they were all to be treated as individuals with worth. And some teachers weren't very enthusiastic about this and resigned as a matter of fact, I remember. Most of the teachers, I think, made a real…

Harvey Segal

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Clementine Self

"I've heard so many people in my generation say, "I don't want my children to go through what I had to go through," and I keep asking them, "What did you go through?" Everything that I went through, I appreciate. I mean, I don't know what I didn't have. If I didn't have it, I don't miss it, but I…

Coretta Sharpless

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Antonio Silva-Martinez

"...for a good neighborhood you need the family to be united. The parents have to teach their kids well and teach them to live with their neighbors and share with their neighbors and get along well with their neighbors, and I think if one neighbor gets along well with the other neighbors then they…

Ruby Farrington Simons

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Charlene Smith

"Whether it was always having a black teacher, having a black custodian, having a black principal who directed the way the school was going. Black cafeteria workers. It was black people around you, which you always had a sense of family, and a sense of community. A sense of safety, and a sense of…

Euzelle Smith

R.D. Smith

R.D. and Euzelle Smith built their house on Caldwell Street after R.D. returned from serving in World War II. Leading figures in the neighborhood and the town, both were life-long educators in Chapel Hill. He was the principal of Lincoln High School and a mentor to many young people who grew up in…

Reginald D. Smith II

Reginald D. Smith II, goes by Reggie, raised in Northside with his three siblings by Euzelle and R.D. Smith, both of whom were prominent educators in the area. Reggie Smith still lives in North Carolina and has two adult children.

Robert Smith

"You were in the neighborhood, so sure, you always felt like somebody was sort of looking after you. You were basically in somebody else's yard." - Robert Smith

William Smith

"I’m not a book person […] I like to build things, and then brag about it." - William Smith

Fannie Snipes

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Stephanie Soulama

Clifton Stone

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Ted Stone

"If this [the freedom movement] is gonna work, somebody has to be the strong one, and it's gonna have to be you. ‘Cause we've struggled too hard to get you into this position and then, after listening to speeches from Dr. King about how to survive it without violence: I just sucked I up and kept…