Meet our Neighbors

"A lot of times you have to just listen--and be a listener."

Mr. Robert Revels

Meet the people who built the stone walls that surround the University, led movements for fair labor and housing across Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and fought for the freedom of all Black Americans.


Alberta Neely

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Jerry Neville

Stella Nickerson

"You really didn't have to worry about whether or not somebody was going to be around or—it wasn't something you thought about. You always had your neighbors next door, or across the street. That's who looked out for you." - Stella Nickerson

Delaine Norwood

"Teachers used to talk about, "Well one day there's going to be integration. And those teachers aren't going to spend the time with you like I'm spending with you. We want to make sure you're prepared." - Delaine Norwood

Elaine Norwood

Raney Norwood

"If you called me poor, even back then, I couldn't find anywhere for that word to fit into our vocabulary. My brother and I, when we sit down and talk now, we feel rich." - Raney Norwood

Thomas James "Bubba" Norwood

"I rehearsed one day and was gone the next...I didn’t have a chance to tell anyone. And my first gig was in Nashville, Tennessee. I actually turned,...eighteen on the road." - Thomas James "Bubba" Norwood Bubba Norwood was born in Northside where he picked up drumming at an early age. He began his…

Judy Nunn Snipes

"My fear is that people won't continue to...pass on the heritage. In black families I always felt that was the strength - what you learn from your ancestry you continue to pass on to your children." - Judy Nunn Snipes

Gertrude Nunn

"Know that we do exist here, and the older people that left property for us, it’s a legacy...And I’m happy that I’m living enough to tell the story." - Gertrude Nunn