Meet our Neighbors

"A lot of times you have to just listen--and be a listener."

Mr. Robert Revels

Meet the people who built the stone walls that surround the University, led movements for fair labor and housing across Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and fought for the freedom of all Black Americans.


Burnice Hackney

"I grew up with my grandparents. My grandfather was a third generation farmer. We had a 100-acre farm and were pretty much self-sufficent…My grandparents have a lot of love. My grandmother was loved by hundreds if not thousands of people." - Burnice Hackney

Sylvester Hackney

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Annie Hargett

Annie Hargett lived in Northside throughout her youth. She attended Northside Elementary and was part of one of the first classes to attend Lincoln High (class of 1957). Her parents moved from Chatham County to Northside in Chapel Hill, first to Craig Street, then to N. Graham. She left Northside…

Frances Hargraves

"In the first place, I never felt that the schools [were integrated]; they were not integrated. They were desegregated." - Frances Hargraves

Molly Hargraves

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Curtis Harper

"[Churches] were the institutions that Black people owned. They didn’t own school buildings; they didn’t own anything where they could meet." - Curtis Harper

Andrea Harris

"At the same time I remember wanting to know why they had these water fountains that were “white” and “colored.” So my mother told me what was the difference: taste it. She made me taste both of them, right so I can see that there was no difference. Right?" - Andrea Harris

Bernice Harrison

Mrs. Bernice Harrison is the wife of Reverend Troy Harrison and the mother of Brittney Harrison. She was raised in a Baptist church but began to attend a Methodist church after she married Reverend Harrison, becoming a member of St. Joseph CME. Mrs. Harrison has played a central role in the…

Brentton Harrison

Brentton Harrison is a low country South Carolina born son of a preacher man. He tells his version of life experiences through jokes and metaphors sprinkled with a bit of straight-shootin' directness. He loves to ponder what love actually is but is deeply driven by his ever-evolving ideas of Love in…

Troy Harrison

Reginald Hildebrand