R.D. and Euzelle P. Smith Middle School

"They were saying, 'We want Black history courses in this school. We feel like everybody ought to have a knowledge for what the Blacks have contributed to this society.' And yet the textbooks don't even a carry a thing about it...I don't intend for that to happen at R.D. Smith and Euzelle B. Smith's Middle School...They can go to the library and get stuff like that, because that's where it will be: in the library."

- R.D. Smith

R.D. and Euzelle P. Smith Middle School opened in 2001. It is named for R.D. and Euzelle Smith, longtime residents of Potterfield who taught in the local schools for decades. R.D. Smith was principal of Lincoln High School and became assistant principal of Chapel Hill High School after integration. He also served on the Town Council and is a veteran of World War II. R.D. Smith died in 2016 and Euzelle Smith died in 2020.


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Ms. Esphur Foster

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