Morgan State University

"I went to Morgan State University in Baltimore...I felt like I was returning to my roots. I felt like integration had been forced upon me and now that I was able to choose what school I could go to I was going to choose to return back to my community where I knew that academics would be stressed in a totally different kind of way...Black schools have such rich heritages. They have such bonds, such togetherness, such—the activities, the bands, the choruses, the football. I wanted to return to...rekindle a Lincoln-type spirit."

- Joanne Peerman

Morgan State University is a public, historically-Black research university located in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 1867 as Centenary Biblical Institute, the university is named for Reverend Lyttleton Morgan who donated the land for the university and as the first chairman of its board of trustees.

Morgan State University


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