Carrboro Elementary School

"I was in a Black school at Northside Elementary. [My mother] wanted me to go to the school which was the nearest to our home which was the white school...Carrboro Elementary....I can only guess that it was because, I mean, I don't think she set out to be a history maker or a trendsetter. I don't think she set out to blaze any new ground. I think she just did it because that school was closer to our house. I mean you could almost throw a rock from our house up to the school...I didn't understand what all the fuss was about me wanting to go there. To me it was, what's the big deal?"

- Stanley Vickers

Carrboro Elementary School is located on Shelton Street in Carrboro, NC. Historically, it was an all-white school in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School System that was integrated as a result of activism in the local community.


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"We’re writing our own history, thank you!"

Ms. Esphur Foster

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