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Katherine Council - On food, cooking, and recipes

Interviewed by Lauren Shor and Monica Palmeira on November 14, 2011

In this interview, Mama Kat, a cooking and baking extraordinaire, shares some of her kitchen expertise including tips and favorite recipes. Mama Kat learned how to cook from her parents and grandparents, and now writes down her recipes in cookbooks for others to follow. She discusses how products and her cooking style have changed since she began cooking for her family in the 1960s. Mama Kat has quite a sweet tooth and while she cooks all sorts of foods, she especially loves desserts. She is famous for her pound cake—but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few instances where things have not gone according to plan. But no matter how bad the kitchen fiasco, Mama Kat keeps a positive outlook and is eager to share her stories with a laugh.

Katherine Council - On food, cooking, and recipes

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Oral history interview of Council, Katherine conducted by Shor, Lauren on November 14, 2011. Processed by Balkoski, Leah.

Citation: Marian Cheek Jackson Center, “Katherine Council - On food, cooking, and recipes,” From the Rock Wall, accessed June 13, 2024, https://fromtherockwall.org/oral-histories/katherine-council-7.

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