How to Use this Site

You could spend hours in here learning your history!

Ms. Kathy Atwater. 

That’s true for all of us. The history of our neighbors is our history. And we all have the power to make history matter now, here. From the Rock Wall is just part of the ongoing, everyday work of achieving community justice in Black Chapel Hill/Carrboro and beyond. Enter into history here. Hear its call. Respond—in word and action.

Remember that From the Rock Wall is nothing without you. When you listen, respond, and retell, the histories recounted here have life and meaning. When you act on what you hear, they have a future.

The site is boundless and open. Every time you return, you’ll find someone or something new. Every time you return, you can add more: a piece of your own history, questions for others, concerns, images, recordings, documents, and details. Your contributions keep our history growing.

In the next few pages, you’ll find some tools for navigating From the Rock Wall. But you really can’t get lost. Click on “Home” at any point to go back to the opening video or enter a term in the search bar to find a familiar face. Or just click around to explore; your neighbors will be looking out for you. And you can always reach out to us at [email protected]. Let us know what you discover.