North Roberson Street

"We did a lot of roller-skating, especially when I got in, probably fourth or fifth grade. We roller-skated all the time. We'd ride our bikes. One of the worst injuries I had was riding that bicycle down Roberson Street. Because at that time there was a big dip in the road and I didn't hit it just right and the handle bar hit me in the face. But I was all right. I got over it."

- Clementine Self

North Roberson Street runs from West Rosemary Street to Mitchell Lane, becoming McDade Street after it crosses over Mitchell. Land along North Roberson Street was purchased in 1939 and deeded to the town of Chapel Hill in 1940 under the condition that it be used to create a recreation center for the Black community. It originally opened as the Negro Community Center, but was later called the Roberson Street Center, and now the Hargraves Center.


Citation: “North Roberson Street,” From the Rock Wall, accessed June 13, 2024,

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