Hearn's Grocery

"It was a little store right in Carrboro called Hearn’s Grocery Store. They went to that grocery store to buy stuff like flour, cornmeal... maybe milk, but I think they got their milk from a dairy, if I can remember correctly. But they very seldom had to go to the grocery store. When they did, they went to Hearn’s Grocery Store and got those kinds of things."

- Regina Merritt

Located at 102 E. Main Street, John Hearn opened his grocery story, J.E. Hearn & Son in 1924 at the original location of the Pendergraph Boarding House, which had burned down that same year. After his death, John's son Len kept the business open as L.D. Hearn. Len Hearn purchased the building in 1944 and made many additions and improvements to it. In the 1950s, Len Hearn's son entered the business with him and the name was Changed to L.D. Hearn & Son -- when James Hearn inherited the business, he changed the name to simply "Hearn's Grocery."


Citation: “Hearn's Grocery,” From the Rock Wall, accessed June 13, 2024,

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