Lillie Edwards

Lillie Edwards was born in Wake County and moved to Durham at a young age with her family. After graduating from high school in Durham, she moved to Gomains Street in Northside where she met her husband, Russell Edwards. She raised her three children in Northside and was a very active member of St. Joseph CME. She had a long career as a nutritionist at UNC hospital where she prepared special meals for patients. After retiring she continued volunteering at the church, helped to raise her grandchildren, and remained steadfast in her faith.

Lillie Edwards and Juanita Washington - On food and cooking

Lillie Edwards and Juanita Washington - On food and cooking

Lillie recounts on her first experiences with cooking bread as a young girl. She was the designated cook of the family. She also talks about her mother’s cooking style since her mother does not use standard recipes to cook. Juanita speaks about Mama Dip (her aunt) being the head cook in her family. Mama Dip raised her and she started cooking small meals like hamburger and French fries. Both interviewees talk about the cooking aromas during holidays, specifically the smells of pie and cake. Edwards describes how she cooks and seasons her fish. She also states that one of her favorites dishes to make is chicken and dumplings.
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