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Judy Nunn Snipes and Gertrude Nunn - On living on Rogers Road when it was a wagon road (clip)

Interviewed by Darius Scott on October 9, 2014

Darius Scott (DS): So, before you married Mr. Nunn, you were living over on Rogers Road?

Judy Nunn Snipes (JS): Yes.

Gertrude Nunn (GN): Exactly.

DS: And at that time, it was still the wagon trail?

S: Yes.

GN: Yeah, uh-huh.

DS: And could you talk a little bit about ?

GN: I know nothing about a car!

DS: [Laughs]

JS: [Laughs]

GN: why we called it a wagon road.

DS: A wagon road.

JS: Yeah, um-hmm.

GN: W-A-G-however you spell it. [Laughs]

JS: G-O-N.

DS: right. [Laughs]

GN: Horse and buggy.

DS: And what was your daily life like living on Rogers Road?

JS: Rogers Road, yeah.

GN: Good! My mother we had to gather all the vegetables in the field, set up half of the night, shell those beans and peas, and my daddy would go to sell them in Durham.

JS: Yeah, we talked about that already.

GN: And so I...

JS: Tell him, well, like as ten children, what it was like then.

GN: Okay. Well, anyway, my mom cooked on a wood stove.

DS: Okay.

GN: a bit more know nothing about no electricity, no lights. know nothing. We had lamps.

JS: Lamps, oil lamps.

GN: got one right there, keeping it for memory. I keep oil in it, in case the electricity goes out now. [Laughs]

JS: Goes out. [Laughs]

GN: But anyway, she would cook on an iron cast stove. And she kept water boiling on the stove to make the coffee.

Judy Nunn Snipes and Gertrude Nunn - On living on Rogers Road when it was a wagon road (clip)

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Oral history interview of Nunn, Gertrude conducted by Scott, Darius on October 9, 2014 at Home of Gertrude Nunn, Chapel Hill, NC.

Citation: Southern Oral History Program, “Judy Nunn Snipes and Gertrude Nunn - On living on Rogers Road when it was a wagon road (clip),” From the Rock Wall, accessed June 13, 2024, https://fromtherockwall.org/oral-histories/judy-nunn-snipes-and-gertrude-nunn-on-living-on-rogers-road-when-it-was-a-wagon-road.

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