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Joe A. Fearrington - On the Carolina Inn

Interviewed by Gretchen Case and Maria Karres on January 9, 1992

Joe A. Fearrington has lived in Chapel Hill his whole life and worked at the Carolina Inn for 30 years as a bellman on the “graveyard shift” and in the maintenance department. He reflects on his experience working at the Carolina Inn, sharing stories of guests, renovations, and other happenings at the Inn. Mr. Fearrington speaks well of his experience working there, saying it was an interesting place where he met many interesting people, including President Carter and Eleanor Roosevelt. He says that, at the time, working at the Carolina Inn was competitive. He takes pride in his former place of work and the services he provided for guests there.

Joe A. Fearrington - On the Carolina Inn

Joe A. Fearrington - On the Carolina Inn

Oral history interview of Fearrington, Joe A. conducted by Case, Gretchen on January 9, 1992 at Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC.

Citation: “Joe A. Fearrington - On the Carolina Inn,” From the Rock Wall, accessed November 29, 2021, https://fromtherockwall.org/oral-histories/joe-a-fearrington-on-the-carolina-inn.

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