Facing Our Neighbors

Who are our neighbors? What makes a neighborhood strong? How can and should we be neighbors in the face of rapid change?

In the historic "Northside" area of Chapel Hill / Carrboro, North Carolina, economic development, food insecurity, and homelessness are on the rise. Home ownership is on the downswing; student rentals are popping up everywhere; truly affordable housing is hard to come by. Formerly segregated neighborhoods are becoming increasingly diverse. In the spring of 2010, university students and friends and staff of the Jackson Center for Saving and Making History began to ask people who live and work around the historic Northside of Chapel Hill / Carrboro about the nature and future of the neighborhood. One result was an interactive exhibit and May Day Festival of which this online exhibit is but a token.

You'll see here portraits of some of our neighbors, reflections by others, and excerpts from poems by local youth about what it means to live together in a changing world.

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In this Exhibit

Mr. Russell Edwards & Family

Mr. Russell Edwards & Family

Ms. Esphur Foster, Mr. Harold Foster, & Ms. Charley Mae Norwood

Esphur & Harold Foster

Mr. Charles Geer and Mr. Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins & Charles Gear

Rev. Albert and Mrs. Eloise Williams

Rev. Albert Williams

Rev. Albert and Mrs. Eloise Williams in front of their home.

Dr. Reginald Hildebrand

Reginald Hildebrand

Prof. H, as he is fondly known, is pictured here in front of his church, St. Paul AME.  Founded in 1864, St. Paul has marked the corner of Chapel Hill and Carrboro for over 150 years. As St. Paul anticipates a new church campus in the Rogers Road area, the future of the “little red church on the corner” is in question.  Prof. Hildebrand is a vital advocate for learning and commemorating African-American heritage across North Carolina and has generously served as a member of the Northside Compass Group.

Mr. Andrés Morales-Castillo

Andrés Morales-Castillo

Mr. Andrés Morales-Castllo

Mr. Garrett Penley

Garrett Penley

Mr. Garrett Penley

Mrs. Equashia Mumeen

Equashia Mumeen

Mrs. Equashia Mumeen

Mr. Eugene Farrar

Eugene Farrar

Mr. Eugene Farrar

Cecilia Massey-Fike

Listening Around the Neighborhood

Cecilia Massey-Fike

Mr. Antonio Silva Martinez

Other Neighbors

Originally from Mexico, Antonio made his home in Carrboro a number of years ago. He’s worked in a number of different trades and hopes he’ll be able to start a business of his own one day.

Ms. Stephanie Soulama, Stephanie’s African Hair Braiding

Local Businesses and Organizations

Stephanie, a native Congolese, is proud of the many hours she will spend with any one customer.  She is concerned about maintaining a true community business and looks forward to local growth enhancing her own and neighboring, small business.